As electrical, plumbing, heating & gas are all specialists trades, by using our combined expert you can save time as well as money. You can rest assured that any work we carry out on your behalf is not only to an extremely high standard, but just as important, if not more so, safe and legal.

We are registered members of a variety of safety registers, which can give you complete peace of mind that work is carried out safely and legally.

electrical plumbing heating and gas

It is vital to use professionals to carry out any electrical, heating and gas work.  For safety and legal reasons it is in fact illegal to carry out any gas work in the UK if you are not a registered competent person, registered with Gas Safe.  Sadly, there are a few cowboys out there still, who are guilty of carrying out unprofessional work as unqualified trades people, threatening the safety of the public every day.



On average, 3,500 people lose their lives to carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK alone!

There are similar statistics when it comes to electrical work; approximately 496,000 incidents were attended by fire and rescue services in 2014/15 and 188 deaths as a result of electrical fires.  Again, unqualified professionals carrying out electrical work, which needs such careful attention to detail and experience,are behind the majority of these incidents.  

Electrical works should only be carried out by a qualified professional. electrical plumbing heating and gas There were roughly 496,000 incidents attended by fire and rescue services in 2014/15 and 188 deaths because of electrical fires.

We work a lot with landlords, whose responsibility it is to have their rental properties checked, maintained and safety certified by qualified and insured engineers.  We can visit any domestic property, regardless of the building's age, and carry out works correctly. Leaving the property safe and legal standard ready for rental, which may include electrical and gas certification, as well as the fitting of carbon monoxide,fire or heat alarms.


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